Japan’s Wagyu Olympics

Japanese-language advertisement for the 10th Wagyu Exhibition in Nagasaki.

The US Forage Export Council exhibited at Japan’s 10th National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu, held October 25-29, 2013, near Nagasaki. Held only once every five years, the Exhibition is also known as the “Wagyu Olympics” (和牛のオリンピック), and is Japan’s largest beef industry livestock show, drawing over 250,000 visitors.

It was a great opportunity for USFEC to present its Safety Story directly to end-users – owners and operators of feedlots and breeding farms from all over Japan, as well as a large number of dairy farmers. USFEC conducted surveys to better learn about trade and consumer attitudes toward US forage and the importance of feed safety in buying decisions. This will enable more effective industry messaging in the future, and help USFEC members better connect with their customers.

See photos from the show here.