USFEC's forage & feed safety seminar in Beijing, October 2012.
USFEC members in Kobe after a meeting with ZFTA trade group, November 2012.
USFEC presenting at the AGRAme trade show in Dubai, March 2012.

The global reach of the US forage export industry connects family farms from the American West Coast to family dairies and ranches in every corner of the globe.

Members of USFEC work closely with overseas customers to understand their needs, then source, store and process the right product at a high level of quality and safety.


Nearly half of US forage is exported to Japan where nearly all varieties of straw and hay are used at dairy and beef farms.


Korea represents about a quarter of all US forage exports, mostly to dairy farms.

Middle East

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UEA) are important markets for US forage, especially alfalfa, where quality product is consumed by cows, horses, goats and camels.


Since its market opening in 2008, China has been a major market for US forage. Currently only alfalfa from the US is allowed into China, and USFEC is working with USDA to open the market for other forages.

Other Markets

Another 50+ countries around the world enjoy the benefits of safe, high-quality US forage.


Chinese Brochure (PDF)
Japanese Brochure (PDF)
Arabic Brochure (PDF)